NUSWhispers – Confession #20714

With the recent discussions regarding local girls vs foreign girls, I would like to share my experience hooking up with both local and exchange students in NUS. I hope to remain as objective as possible while sharing my experiences. I graduated recently in 2015. I am a Singaporean guy, straight. I consider myself to be average looking. When I entered uni, I found it quite difficult to hook up in Campus. I was having more luck with girls during my NS days. I stayed at PGP throughout my uni life, which was essentially a dead place. My guy friends from halls invited me frequently for drinking sessions with their friends. I recall being touchy with several girls during the drinking and clubbing after. Most Hall girls are cute and have this bubbly vibe. I found them adventurous and fun in general. Once after clubbing, this girl brought me back to her room at KR. Before entering her room, I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up. When I stepped into her room, she had changed out of that cute dress she was wearing, into her FBTs and singlet. This unfortunately, was a turnoff for me. For me, foreplay is important as it enhances that sensual environment. We tried making out, but she was too tipsy from the way her body moved. I left shortly after tucking her into bed. That was the closest I got to hooking up the whole semester. The following semester, I took two classes at U-town. I was surprised to see so many exchange students there. I found the girls to be friendly as they would say hi to me in Lectures and often smile casually at me. However, I always felt that Caucasian girls were not my type even though some were attractive and very good looking. One afternoon, I spotted this really cute girl at the U town Bus stop, Golden hair, petite with beautiful eyes. After contemplating for a good 5 minutes, I approached her, introduced myself and started a conversation. She was from Sweden, very friendly and spoke good English. I managed to get her number and suggested that I'd take her out for dinner that weekend. We had several drinks after dinner and ended up having sex at her U-Town residences. The sex was really awesome and she was very confident in bed. Both of us were clear that this wasn't a serious relationship and continued to remain friends till she left for her home country. We hooked up several times after that as well. She introduced me to her circle of friends who were mostly exchange students. They often partied during the weekends which was how I managed to meet more exchange students. During a party at MBS, (not sure why exchangers love MBS so much) I met this exchange student from the US. We kept flirting and I finally brought her back to my room at PGP. She was very active during sex, especially during foreplay. I found her to be more creative in bed. We hooked many times throughout the semester and during the holidays, where we took a short trip to Hong Kong together. She has a boyfriend back in the states, but they were taking a break during her exchange I pitied my PRC neighbour at PGP, a pleasant guy who seemed studious and probably had to put up with the noise. The following year, Tinder became popular. This app changed my life. Those who use Tinder in U-Town will know how many options are available. I was getting laid more than I had expected with both locals and exchange students, to the point where I had to turn down hook-ups. Although I must admit, girls on Tinder are always turning down hook-ups as well. I increased my circle of friends, and my sex-life got better.. My female friends from NUS, many of whom I met during sec sch and JC were also interested in my guy exchange friends. I brought them along for parties, and they brought their female friends. One of whom I hooked up with. The Stereotype that Asian Guys are unattractive and can't get Caucasian is not entirely true. I often joked about this Stereotype with exchange students whom I've slept with. Many of them find Singaporean guys to be cute and generally well-mannered. However, very unapproachable. Most of my hook-ups told me that I am the first local guy that has approached them. An exchange friend of mine said that she once complimented a cute local guy on his jacket during lecture. He thanked her in a serious manner, blushed and looked away the whole time while his friends giggled and poked fun at him throughout the lecture. Another Swiss exchange student of Japanese descent told me that she had a huge crush on her TA and kept flirting with him after class. He did not reciprocate (probably because he was a TA). My exchange friend from Italy who was insanely hot and always getting hit on by other exchange guys, found a Singaporean guy in our tutorial class extremely attractive. He wasn't handsome in my opinion, short, skinny with that nerdy vibe.. According to her, he made intelligent comments during tutorials and it seemed like he "knows what he's doing". Many of my other female exchange friends found it difficult to approach local guys, even if it's just to make friends. This results in them hanging out with other exchange students as opposed to locals. Believe me, many exchange girls I met during parties have asked me to introduce them to my Singaporean guys friends. In short, Singaporean guys just don't approach exchange girls. I am not saying that foreign girls are better than local girls. In fact, I find many Singaporean girls super chio and hot, and great in bed. My point is, instead of arguing over which race or nationality is better, learn to appreciate all types of people from different backgrounds. If you intend to sleep around, just make it clear from the start that you aren't into anything serious. Hurting a girls feelings is a huge no. Many exchange students are looking for serious relationships, and it's pretty unfair to them if you use them emotionally to get laid. Working life is very different. Long hours in the office and responsibilities often leads to less sex and social interaction. So both guys and girls, enjoy it while it lasts :)